We see them on TV, and in the magazines lining the checkout line of the grocery store and tend to wonder – how in the world can these celebrities maintain such amazing physiques?  With such a great deal of information around telling you one thing today and something different later, it’s seriously difficult (and exasperating!) to find a method that actually works and is something you can continue for your entire life.  Through my own personal frustration with the fitness market’s desire to make a buck off of women’s weaknesses, I designed this Kirstie Alley Weight Loss web-site.  I want to provide real people with real information. I want to provide you with an example of how Kirstie Alley keeps fit and slim, and a no-gimmick approach to achieving a leaner, more feminine figure.

I want to do this because I’ve been there.  After losing 60 pounds myself, I left a teaching career and became certified as a NASM personal trainer because I am truly passionate about health!  I want women to understand how their bodies function, how their body responds to physical exercise, and the best way to reach a trim figure with out the protruding muscles and thick bodies that many female trainers herald.  Because, let us be frank, we are women…and we desire to look like it!  I hope this website serves as a catalyst between you and your desired goals, regardless of whether it be from the diet & workout methods presented or different diet or workout program(s) I recommend elsewhere.  My goal in his is to simply help you reach yours!