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Benefits Of Employee Drug Testing At Workplace

Nowadays, Drug abuse is one of the major concerns for most of the employers. It is important to identify and filter drug or alcohol abusing employees. Given below are a few reasons that why drug testing is important at workplaces.

Ensures a safe and healthy environment

Drug testing products ensure the safety of employees. The people who are working under the influence of drugs are more prone to accidents compared to other people. The drug abuse is even known to cause short-term memory problems, impaired thinking, loss of balance and coordination and decreased alertness.


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The person addicted to drugs not only hurt themselves but also some of their co-workers or other visitors at the workplace. These employees are often aggressive and violent. They even commit a crime for money in order to purchase drugs.

In order to ensure a safe work environment, an employer should conduct drug tests to detect drug abusing employees.

Improve productivity

A professional environment plays important role in a business establishment. Drug abuse is a threat to the organization as it decreases the productivity. By identifying drug abuse among present and future employees will lead to the improved working environment. A good working environment increases productivity and further lead to healthier working place.


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Reduces Health Cost of Company

As drug testing remove drug-addicted employees. So employees can save a significant amount of money that is given by the company.

Help In maintaining integrity and Discipline

People working in the drug-free environment have positive qualities like integrity, discipline, professionalism, productivity. This less ensure fewer workplace conflicts.

Employee drug testing can be performed in organizations using through saliva testing, urine testing through urine test cups and hair follicle testing. Saliva testing is for instant results. Urine testing is done with the help of test strips.