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How Non-Surgical Stem Cell Therapy Is Beneficial For Hip Bursitis?

Hip pain has become common among people. If you are one of them then you must be looking for the best treatment. Your physician might be suggested to you with hip replacement surgery. Do you think that hip replacement surgery is the best alternative for hip pain?

Hip pain might be hampering your normal life. But are you aware of post-surgery issues? What if you are not able to recover from hip pain surgery. If you are scared from the after-effects of hip pain surgery then you should think of alternative treatment.

Stem cell therapy is an emerging treatment for hip pain. You can visit this website – if you want to know about stem cell therapy providers in the UK.

medicastemcells - hip pain treatment
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Stem cell therapy which is also called platelet-rich plasma therapy is becoming popular for the treatment of hip pain.

Stem cells are part of our body. These cells have the capability to heal injuries tissues in the body.

Stem cell therapy involves the use of stem cells for bursitis of the hip. In this treatment, stem cells are taken from the body of the patients itself which are healthy. These stem cells are rich in platelets. These platelets are recovered from the stem cells with a centrifugal machine.

This machine helps in collecting concentrated platelet-rich plasma. This concentrated plasma is injected into the affected areas of the hip.

medicastemcells  - stem cell therapy for hip burstitis
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This treatment does not involve any stitches. Stem cell therapy also a fast recovery treatment for hip pain.

If you are suffering from chronic hip pain then you should think about stem cell therapy. Following points explain the advantages of this treatment:

  • Patient injected with platelet-rich plasma can walk properly on the same day of treatment. This treatment needs less downtime as compared to other treatment.
  • This treatment is non-invasive so a patient does not suffer from any inconvenience post stem cell therapy.
medicastemcells - platelet rich plasma therapy for hip pain
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You can discover more here about the effect of stem cell therapy on hip pain. You should take steps to find a suitable stem cell therapy providers in the UK.