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How Pregnancy Test Is Been Performed?

Nowadays you can easily perform the pregnancy test by just been at home. For this, you just have to purchase a home pregnancy test kit. A urine sample is taken to test the pregnancy hormone, hCG. The test result will come out to be positive if the pregnancy hormone is present. This shows that the person is pregnant. Similarly, home drug test strips can also be used to detect the drugs.

In case the pregnancy hormone is not present the result will come out to be negative. The test may sound to be simple but it’s not that simple. There are many other factors that should also be considered when it comes to pregnancy.

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How Do Doctors Test For Pregnancy?

When you think that you are pregnant you should consult a doctor to confirm your pregnancy. The doctor further performs the test with standard pregnancy strip. A form has to fill at first where you have to tell all the necessary information. Then you have to provide a urine sample for the test to proceed. There is also a pregnancy drug test that is performed by doctors.

The urine sample provided is tested with the test strip. If a second line appears on the test strip then it shows that the person is pregnant. If no line appears then it will show no pregnancy. You can get more information related to pregnancy test here.


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This test is almost similar to the test performed at home. Here in this test also the pregnancy hormone is detected in a urine sample.  The pregnancy hormones are present only when one is pregnant. Another way of testing pregnancy is by ovulation dates. You can navigate here to know more about the crude pregnancy test.

A person is not pregnant until the fertilized eggs go to fallopian tubes and then implants itself in the uterine wall. It may take some days to detect them in your urine. This almost depends on the sensitivity of the pregnancy test.