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What is the Organic Liaison Diet?

What is the Organic Liaison Diet?  Well, who better to explain than Kirstie Alley herself:

So what are the main components of the program?

WHAT WILL I EAT?   Organic Liaison promotes liaising people to organic foods.  On their website, part of their mission statement says, “We aim to be the “liaison” between conventional diets to a healthful, organic diet through state-of-the-art products and online tools that foster a supportive weight loss, health, diet and fitness community.”  As such they are guided by the principle that the body was designed to eat predominantly organic foods, rather than pesticide-ridden foods that are available to the masses today and deficient in proper nutrients.  The benefit is that by feeding one’s body the way it was designed to eat (clean and whole foods), cravings and overeating disappear.  The follower is encouraged to partner with local farmer’s markets and organic producers to eat 5-6 meals each day of mainly organic fruits, veggies, meat and dairy.  The focus is on promoting high fiber and low fat foods to keep the client feeling sated despite calories being lowered.

WHAT ELSE IS INCLUDED IN THE PROGRAM?  Organic Liaison is set up as a monthly membership which gives clients various tools to transfer from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to an organic diet.  According to the Organic Liaison website, there are 3 membership options ranging in price and amenities:

1.)  Monthly Online Plan ($18.95 start-up fee and $15.95 monthly fee):

  • Complete Step-by-Step Program (provided as an ebook called The Body Game that determines your caloric needs and proper food suggestions)
  • Full Suite of Online Tools (includes a list of farmer’s markets in your area, sample meal plans, recipes, blog, calorie and activity trackers, an accountability partner, and menu planners)
  • Tools on the Go (iPhone/iPad) (an app for logging your daily intake)
  • Health Director Access (professional support)

2.)  3 Month Online Plan (no start-up fee and $15.95 monthly fee):

  • All of the monthly benefits plus FREE sign-uporganic-liaison-supplements
3.)  Premium Product Plan ($139 one-time fee for first product kit and $119 each month thereafter):
  • All of the 3 Month benefits plus your membership fee is waived.  Your payment goes toward your supplement kit which includes:  The best combination of organic product and vegan/gluten-free supplements to help you lose weight quickly and easily. The kit includes Rescue Me, the first USDA approved organic weight-loss elixir, Nightingale, natural sleep aid, Release Me, natural relaxer, and more


HOW DOES IT WORK? According to their website, pesticides found in conventional foods interfere with the way your body metabolizes fat—which, in turn, stimulates fat growth. Sticking to a mostly organic diet reduces the amount of pesticides you consume, which will prevent increased fat production. Is this supported by modern science?  The answer is both yes and no.  Yes because studies published on the topic do tend to advocate a link between organic eating and lower BMI, but no because there just is not enough research out yet to give a definitive answer.
Organic Liaison’s supplement line claims to do everything from reduce cravings to cleansing your colon, from boosting energy to helping your metabolism.  The Rescue Me elixir contains vitamin B (key to burning carbs and fat), aloe vera (for detoxing purposes), Siberian ginseng (for mental alertness), fiber (to stave off hunger), and a prebiotic (to support healthy bacteria in your digestive system).
WHAT DOES A TYPICAL DAY ON THE DIET LOOK LIKE?  The Organic Liaison website has a terrific spot on their site that details an entire day on the diet.  Here is what you can expect:
    • 7:00am (or upon waking)
      • Weigh yourself. Record weight in online Daily Journal or in your iPhone app
      • Make Rescue Me mix ( add 1 capful to 22 oz. water). Start sipping on it.
    • 7:30am (or within 1 hour of waking)
      • Eat organic breakfast of choice (high fiber carbs plus protein).
      • Keep track of your calories. Record meal in online Daily Journal
    • 11:00am
      • Eat organic snack of choice (about 150 cal, to boost metabolism). ka-ol
      • Keep sipping Rescue Me and drinking water.
      • Record snack in online Daily Journal.
    • 1:00pm
      • Eat organic lunch of choice (about 300 cal to prevent overeating).
      • Keep sipping Rescue Me and drinking water.
      • Record meal in online Daily Journal.
    • 4:00pm
      • Eat organic snack of choice (about 150 cal, to boost metabolism).
      • Sip Rescue Me —finish mix before Dinner. Keep drinking water.
    • 6:00pm
      • Eat organic dinner of choice.
      • Record snack in online Daily Journal.
    • 9:00pm
      • Eat organic bedtime snack of choice (about 150 cal).
      • Record snack in online Daily Journal.
      • Record any other exercise and other physical activities in online Daily Journal.
    • 9:30pm
      • Drink Release Me mix (add 1 heaping teaspoon to a cup of herbal tea).
    • 10:30pm (or right before bed time)
      • Drink Nightingale (1 teaspoon recommended). Enjoy a restful night’s sleep (aim for 8 hours).
      • Fit in 1-hour total of exercise. If needed, break up into 15-minute intervals throughout the day.
      • Take Pagoda green tea supplement to help boost metabolism and energy
        (2 capsules a day as needed).
      • Take Relieve Me natural colon cleanser to help cleanse the digestive system
        (2 capsules a day as needed).

All in all, this diet does have my full support for a few reasons:  (1) – Their focus is on organic and sustainable shopping and farming, including the ethical treatment of animal and ethical business practices which mass agricultural farming completely neglects.  (2) – They utilize time-tested and proven methods of weight loss including food and exercise journaling, accountability, support, and pre-planning, and (3) – Their products are all certifiably organic which shows attention to quality and high standards.  This, coupled with a promotion of daily exercise portion control makes a powerful combination in the battle against the bulge!   Does it work?  Well, the proof is in the pudding.  If you want to lose weight like Kirstie Alley, this is how she did it!